AudioBoard with Multi Output Jacks (1) plus external PressButtons - optional connection LED strips - Input Mobile device

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AudioBoard with Multi Output Jacks (1x)

Add external Push Buttons. 
Optional we can add also other triggers, LED strips, input jack for Mobile phone etcetera.

(In this video it has 3x output jacks)



Audio Testing & Learning


Explanation video


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Add-On Features:

We can provide several triggers, sensors and LED Lightning features to create a interactive display. These add-ons can be plugged in our devices at ease: just plug in the cable-connector and play. No difficult programming, just rename your content and load it on a SD card or USB Stick or use the internal memory.

Use LED light strips or pads to highlight a product or logo. The Led can come in all kind of colors and shapes.

We have also have Add-ons for Android, Linux, Windows and Brightsign mediaplayer. External triggers can be connected via a controller-player to a Android Screen via USB or RS323 connection. You can add the source code (API) into your APK software solution.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Audio Test and Learn

In-store solution for Headphone and Speaker Brands. Test headphones or/and speakers, which guide you to the product which will suit you the most.


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