65inch Kiosk - Monitor - Totem

Screen size: 65inch
Screen type: Kiosk LCD
LCD Panel Type: TFT LED
LCD Panel resolution: 1920*1080
Ratio: 16:9
Start-Up: AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter
Usage: 24/7

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65inch Kiosk - Monitor - Totem

Professional Kiosk LCD Monitors attract the attention of visitors and customers. High resolution and high performance meet commercial users.

Our Kiosks have a wide range of screen sizes from 22" to 75" with 24/7 applications. Eco-friendly LED backlighting commercial displays consume 30% less power than CCFL-Backlit models. This extends the life of the LCD screen.

All Kiosks come with HDMI input (Optional DVI-VGA) and can connect to any of our box-type (Android) MediaPlayer and PC. Optional, we can supply Android MediaPlayers which can be connected via WIFI and LAN for a online connection and optional with a online CMS system to plan your presentations.

Usage of this type of Kiosk is suitable for indoor purposes.

Kiosks - Totems

We can supply all kind of Kiosk and Totem solutions. All kind additional features possible:

printer, rfid-nfc reader, motion sensor, barcode reader, fingerprint scanner, keyboard, cashing machine, cables for charging mobile phones, etcetera etcetra.

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List of Features

easy setup and plug and play!

LCD Panel 1920x1080 pixels

HDMI Input (opt. DVI-VGA)

Internal Speaker

Thin Metal Housing, with shiny glass front plate

Metal back side, back-door + keys to lock

Color, standard Black-Silver

Usage 24/7

AC100-240V Power adapter with 2.5 meter long cable

Add Interactive Features:

- A MediaPlayer to play content

- Online Android-Player with online CMS System

- Touchscreen (see our other models)

- HDMI Splitter to connect other Kiosk Totems

- Folder Pocket at frontside


can be used in many places

Digital Signage Display

Advertisement Display

 Kiosk Information Display

Screen size


LCD Panel Type


LCD Panel resolution




Screen type

Kiosk LCD

Interface - Connection portals

HDMI IN , Optional: DVI & VGA

Housing type

Front Glass Plate - Metal Housing - Backdoor with Lock , Base plate included


AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter



Optional Features

Internal Mediaplayer 1080P , LAN portal for Online Player