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Ultra Sound Advertising

NOW available through JamiePro,
the CopSonic’s patented and unique technology that allows communication and interaction between two devices through sound waves.

The secure transfer is achieved through microphones and speakers. This enables mobile, tablets and smart devices to exchange information without compatibility issues unlike Bluetooth LE, NFC & Infrared and without the need for an internet connection.

Boost sales, generate additional revenue streams and optimizing ROI just by turning your digital signage into engagement areas.
The ultrasounds received on the smartphone will allow to display automatically pre-filled ordering forms and one click purchases.



There are two approaches.

Proximoos( )is a marketing solution based on ultrasounds as a contactless communication technology. It allows brands and retailers to engage any customer over his entire consumption path; from the digital point of contact to their physical presence instore. Increase the conversions on your promotions and loyalty program and provide your customers with a contactless and save shopping experience.

DDV ( is a 2nd screen solution based on ultrasounds as a contactless communication technology. It allows engaging users with complementary contents adapted to the situation and to their profile. Images, coupons, web sites, ordering forms, surveys, videos... the context will dictate your content. DDV is universal solution, devices just use the existing microphones. A simple app will recognize the unique ultrasounds and activate the expected experience directly on the device.

Interact with your consumers in all aspects of their consumption path
- Geofence and guide customers instore
- 2nd screen experience to trigger impulse buying
- Increase baskets through targeted product information
- Collect data from their entire consumption path
- 100% of the consumers are covered thus a better ROI
- Each ultrasound beacon / display becomes an engagement area
- A secure & accurate management of digital loyalty programs

Extended application field
Can be applied to other smart building and smart city use cases to detect people and allow interaction with their environment
Ultrasounds can trigger second screen and gamification on your customers’ smartphone. They will open a unique interactivity channel with your all of your customers, without any effort or cost.

Ultrasounds for a better consumer experience
- No more QR Codes that hinder the access to content
- No more web address to type, the product appears automatically
- No errors on the order form since it is pre-filled with the profile data
- Payment in only 20 sec’ vs 2 min with 3D Secure SMS
- A service available through the corporate app or web alternatives

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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