Motion Sensor with External Cable

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Motion Sensor

with external cable

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Extra information

Operation of Motion Sensor:

Looping video; mu.avi

Video 1; 00.avi

Video 2; 01.avi

Video 3; 02.avi

excetera for extra sensors.

Sensor and delay:

  1. - If there is no movement by detected (ca. 2meters): the looping video plays in a loop the whole time.

  1. - When motion has detected some movement, then it will plays video 1 (00.avi)

  1. - When 00.avi has finished, it will return automatically to the looping attraction video (mu.avi).

  1. - When the sensor video (00.avi) is over, there is a sensor delay of 30 seconds. This means the sensor has 30 seconds no movement after playing the sensor video. This is prevent the video as people will walk away from the screen, by this move, the sensor video (00.avi) will start again.

  2. - The delay can be set as desired for orders: for example 15 seconds. (This should be specified in advance, because this will be set at the factory)

First boot starting the screen:

If the screen is turned on the screen will be play the first sensor video (00.avi). When this video is finished the looping video will start.

Format video:

The videos must have the following format, otherwise they play not, or not well:

Extension: .avi

Codec: Xvid MPEG4

Bitrate: 1000-4000

Fps: 25-30




16bit - 128-196fps

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