LED Light Panel - Customized Size with External Cable


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LED-Light Panel

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LED-Light panel can be used for lightning up a certain area. It can be a logo or a printing or just used as a light source.

You can print your own design, in full color, on backlit plastic paper. This printing will be covered on the LED-board and will give a hightlighted effect, which will give your brand much more expression!

We can produce these panels in customized sizes, depending on your needs. Also the color of the LED light itself can com in different colors.

The LED-light panels can also connect to our LCD MediaScreens. If you press a pushbutton, it can light up the LED panel. Even possible during a video, it can light up at certain moments by itself (see videos below).

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Client-project: Story telling with Alexa supported by LED-Light panel + LCD Screen

Our client asked us to provide a LCD screen, running a looping video on it. Additionally asked also for Start-Pushbutton and LED-light panel, to highlight certain products on their counter-display during the video. The video tells how the products work. During the explanation of each product, the LED-light panel will light up about that specific product.

Watch the videos below to see how we made this happen for our client.



  Our hardware integrated in clients display

Watch the videos:




LCD Screen + LED light panels integrated. During the video is playing the LED panels light up to indicate the products explained in the video.

The Result :


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