4K MultiFunctions Audio&VideoMediaplayer - 6x Digital Output - Soundbar Tester

Screen type: Connect any size screen to this player (1080P / 4K)
Housing type: Closed metal housing
Start-Up: AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter
Mounting options: Mounting Strips
PowerAdapter: AC 100/240V-50-60HZ, DC 12V/1A

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4K Multifunctions Audio & Video MediaPlayer 6x Digitial output

This multiple functions mediaplayer is especially made to test one or more soundbars (max 6) and it is made for in-store use, so let customers test the soundbars. It is easy to swap from one soundbar to the other. The sound can be easily be compared between the soundbars. 

In this video you can see how it works and functions also for press buttons. In this video we have made a setup for 1 soundbar. The press buttons are customized programmed for Play-Stop, Next, Mute Sound and Volume up and down. 

The video output can be up-to 4K resolution and the Audio file formats can be PCM, RAW and MP3. 

Video formats can be: ".avi", ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".mp4", ".mov", ".mkv",".jpg",".jpeg",".bmp". 

We can customized this mediaplayer upon your needs. 

Audio Test and Learn

In-store solution for Headphone and Speaker Brands. Test headphones or/and speakers, which guide you to the product which will suit you the most.


Housing type

Closed metal housing

Screen type

Connect any size screen to this player (1080P / 4K)


AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter

Interface - Connection portals

8x PushButton Inputs , HDMI OUT , LAN input for Internetconnection - RJ45 , 3.5mm Jack , Power Input DC 12V/1A , Digital Sound Output 6x


AC 100/240V-50-60HZ, DC 12V/1A

Mounting options

Mounting Strips

Resolution Internal VideoPlayer

4K , 1920*1080