24inch Transparent Box - Android Touch - White Housing

Screen size: 24inch
Screen type: Touchscreen - Capacitive
LCD Panel resolution: 1920*1080
Operation System: Android 5.1 - Rockchip RK3288
Housing type: White Housing
Memory: RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 8GB

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Transparent LCD Box - introduction



Check this video for Transparent Box

We can do all kind of sizes for the transparent box.

Models are AutoStart-Play.

The options from you can choose are for instance:

- Mediaplayer with looping video

- Android Mediaplayer with optional Online remote controll software

- Touchscreen

- Wifi and LAN for internet connection

Transparent Boxes

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Touch and without touch

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Information about Google Services

Google Play store is not always working in some regions, but do not be afraid: most of the times you do not need this store. You just can install your own/clients (signage) APK by USB Stick or download it from a website and install it. Quiet often, you can download APK files from www.apkmirror.com or www.apkpure.com or ask your client for the APK needed to install.
The benefit of not using the Google Playstore: you are not being watched by Google and Google will not get your userdata which you do not want to share with them anyway.

PS: if you really need Google Playstore, we can check if it is possible, but only for larger order quantites.

Operation System

Android 5.1 - Rockchip RK3288


RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 8GB

Screen type

Touchscreen - Capacitive

Housing type

White Housing

LCD Panel resolution


Screen size