21.5inch Transparent Box - Android Touch - White Housing


Screen size: 21.5inch
Screen type: Touchscreen - Capacitive
LCD Panel Type: LCD Panel
LCD Panel resolution: 1920*1080
Ratio: 16:9
Operation System: Android 5.1 - Rockchip RK3288
Housing type: Plastic Box
Start-Up: AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter
Memory: RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 8GB

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Check this video for 18,5inch Transparent Box

We can do all kind of sizes for the transparent box.

Models are AutoStart-Play.

The options from you can choose are for instance:

- Mediaplayer with looping video

- Android Mediaplayer with optional Online remote controll software

- Touchscreen

- Wifi and LAN for internet connection


Transparent Boxes

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Screen size


Screen type

Touchscreen - Capacitive

LCD Panel resolution


Operation System

Android 5.1 - Rockchip RK3288


AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter



Network options

Wi-Fi , LAN network

Interface - Connection portals

LAN , SD Cardreader , USB Portal , Power Input DC 12/3A


RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 8GB

LCD Panel Type

LCD Panel

Housing type

Plastic Box