Full HD Mediaplayer + PushButton Function (8x)

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Full HD MediaPlayer

This Full HD MediaPlayer is designed to support LCD screens in shops and public spaces.

The Player has auto start, when shop electricity is turned on, the player instantly plays the content on the screen.

It can have 8x External PushButtons, to trigger a video. It can have a looping attraction video, when not pushed one of the Buttons.

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Full HD Mediaplayer with Multi features

Full HD Mediaplayer for Looping Video only or Interactive external Pushbutton function (8x) - AutoStart-Play-Loop

Watch the video!

List of Features

easy setup and plug and play!
Auto Start when plug in the power adapter

SD Cardreader, USB portal, and HDMI Out

3.5mm Jack Output

Thin Closed Plastic Housing

Color housing standard Black

5V Power adapter with 2.5-meter long cable

14/7: Usage up to 14 hours a day


can be used in many places

Built-in ShopDisplays


Plug in the power adapter, and immediately the MediaPlayer will turn on.

Add an LCD Screen and connect it with HDMI Cable.



- Proximity sensor (acting on motion)

- Buttons for activating videos (max. 8)

- RFID Sensors

- Continuous loop


see SPECIFICATIONS TAB or download the specification sheet in the DOWNLOAD TAB, above.

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Optional Features

(External) Barcode Scanner

Interface - Connection portals

8x PushButton Inputs , SD Cardreader , USB Portal , Power Input DC 12V/1.5A

Housing type

Closed plastic housing