14.9inch Monitor - Metal Housing - HDMI Input

Product Code: AC-149MH-HD-HDMI

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List of Features

easy setup and plug and play!

Auto Start - Play - Loop your content (video/slides)

HDMI Input portal 

LCD Panel 1280x800 pixels (16:9 ratio)

Internal Speakers

Closed Metal Housing

14/7: Usage up to 14 hours a day

12V Power Adapter with 2.5 meter long cable

Black Metal Housing 


can be used in many places

Built-in ShopDisplays


Connect a external player, like a PC Computer or MediaPlayer for f.i. Digital Signage Display / Advertisement Display 



This Monitor can be easily used for built-in a display. Just connect the HDMI and play. The mainboard can optionally come with extra in-outputs for interactivity, see the options below.


The mainboard can be turned into a multi-functionborad, serveral in-outputs can be added, and software can be made Tailormade. 

Example features:

- Trigger buttons for selection video / volume combined with LED lighting

- Output for LED lighting 5/12V

- Motion Sensor / Lift-up light Sensor

- Multiply Audio Outputs for speakers & headphones

- Input Audio for Mobile Phone / iPod (auto-sensing)

- Touchscreen 


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Screen size


Screen type

Ultra Wide Stretched

LCD Panel Type

LCD Panel

LCD Panel resolution




Interface - Connection portals

HDMI IN , USB Portal , 3.5mm Jack , Power Input DC 12V/1.5A

Housing type

Closed metal housing