10.1inch Android Hand Sanitizer Display - Non Touch

Product Code: AC-1012AIO-SANITIZER-OS7.1-RK3288

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10inch HandSanitizer and LCD Info Kiosk

Odoo CMS - a big picture


These LCD display desinfection kiosks have Android OS on board, which means you can add extra features such as:

Counting People Camera:
=> can also come with Counting people sensor-camera; how many people are currently in the shop. It can give on Screen signal:
- Allowed to enter the shop (Green screen)
- Not Allowed to enter the shop (Red screen)

- Temperature Sensor (body temperature)
It measures the temperature of the person in front of the display and give the Temperature in the Screen and if you are allowed to enter the shop.

- WIFI and LAN of internet connection
You can update content remotely on the screen with online webbased CMS System

- Motion Sensor
If you come closed than 2 meter in front of the screen, the screen will play dedicated content.

- Printing Sticker / Color housing
We can do a printing stickers on the frontside of the housing. (see also picture enclosed)
Color housing: standard total white housing. Optional in your RAL color.

Dutch: Desinfectiezuil / Desinfectie Zuil

Other available shapes:

Information about Google Services

Google Play store is not always working in some regions, but do not be afraid: most of the times you do not need this store. You just can install your own/clients (signage) APK by USB Stick or download it from a website and install it. Quiet often, you can download APK files from or or ask your client for the APK needed to install.
The benefit of not using the Google Playstore: you are not being watched by Google and Google will not get your userdata which you do not want to share with them anyway.

PS: if you really need Google Playstore, we can check if it is possible, but only for larger order quantites. If you try to write with a wide general audience in mind, your story will ring false and be bland. No one will be interested. Write for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.

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Screen size


Screen type


LCD Panel Type

IPS Panel

LCD Panel resolution


Optional Features

Wall Mount & FreeStanding , Temperature Sensor (medical sensor) , PIR Motion Sensor , 4G Lit network , Lithium Battery for 18h working , Camera

Operation System

Android 7.1 - RK3288

Housing type

Metal White Housing

Network options

Wi-Fi , LAN network


RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 16GB