4.3inch MediaScreen - OpenFrame

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MediaScreens: How does it work?

Watch the video to see how our MediaScreens work and what can be added additionally.

In this video we demonstrate our closed frame and open-frame mediascreen models and also some short demonstration about external features, such as External selection buttons, RFID trigger, LED lightning and Motion sensor.

You can find more information about the additional triggers via the section: Add Ons - Triggers, Sensors & Light

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ADD ON's for these screens:

Odoo CMS - a big picture

triggers, sensors, light, touch

Many kind of interactive elements can be plugged in our screens, plug and play and easy setup for content playing.

ask for our solutions, the setup can be made upon your custom demands!

      List of Features

      easy setup and plug and play!
      Auto Start - Play - Loop your content (video/slides)

      Timer Clock Function (Optional)

      4" LCD panel 480x272 pixels

      Internal HD videoplayer 1080P

      SD cardreader and USB portal

      Internal Speakers

      3.5mm Jack Output

      Remote Controll

      Open Frame Plastic Housing

      Mounting: side strips for easy built-in

      Color housing standard Black

      12V Power adapter with 2.5 meter long cable

      14/7: Usage up to 14 hours a day


      This MediaScreen has an Internal VideoPlayer with Full HD resolution (1080P). Plug in a SD card or USB Stick with your content and directly play your video (or slideshow). It will play your video(s) continiously in a loop. The timer function can be used for Automatic On-Off (optional, not included.


      can be used in many places

      Digital Signage Display

      Built-in ShopDisplays

      Advertisement Display

      Shelf-edge Display



      - Trigger Buttons for selection video / volume combined with LED lighting

      - Output for LED lightning 5V/12V

      - Motion Sensor / Lift-up light Sensor

      - Multiple Audio Outputs for Speakers & Headphones

      - Input Audio for Mobile Phone / iPod (auto-sensing)

      - TouchScreen

      - External Speakers

      - 8D-Cell Batterybox for battery operated power

      - Internal Memory to load your content on it.

      - AutoCopy function by USB Stick to internal memory.

      - Software adjustments for you needs

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      Screen size


      Screen type

      LCD screen only - no touch

      LCD Panel Type

      LCD Panel

      LCD Panel resolution




      Optional Features

      External Trigger Buttons , External Motion Sensor , (External) Liftup Sensor , External LED strips , (External) RFID Trigger , (External) Touch Buttons - capacitive , (External) Light Sensor , (External) Magnet Trigger , (External) Pushbuttons , (External) Barcode Scanner , (External) Speakers , (External) Volume buttons , (External) IR receiver

      Interface - Connection portals

      HDMI IN , SD Cardreader , USB Portal

      Housing type

      Open Plastic Frame



      Mounting options

      Mounting Strips

      Addition Features

      Internal Mediaplayer 1080P


      Monitor - HDMI IN