To update your Android device (android-mediaplayer and android-screen), you can do 2 things:

- Reset of your device

- Installation of new Update of the Android software

How to do it:

1. Reset your device: If you can go into the Settings Menu of your Android device:

- Go to the settings menu, than go to Backup / Reset on the leftside menu and choose for the Factory Reset. After restart, your android device has been reset.

2. Installation of a new update of the Android software:

You will need to connect your device to a Windows Computer with a male-male USB cable and update it with the Update Software program on the Windows computer. You will need to use Windows 7 (or 10). First you have to install the driver on the windows computer and than install the software programm. After installation, you can connect the USB cable to the Windows computer. The Update software for Android; you need to request us for the update (.img file).

Please read more instructions here and please watch the instruction video!