For our AC- Models screens, the video File Format for the video must be .avi or .mp4 and the correct Profile for VideoCodecs and  AudioCoddecs.  

The videos must be in this video format, if not, they won’t play. Read more about this format below!  Video file format must be:

- Video extention: .avi

- Resolution 1920x1080  

- Codec: xvid/mpeg4  

- Bitrate: 2000-8000  

- Fps: 25-30 (frames per second)

Soundfile in video:  

- MP3/MP2- Hz: 44100-48000- 16bit - 128-196fps  

 If use the incorrect sound format in the video, than you will not hear the sound in the video, or the video will not play or give errors.

IMPORTANT: The video-file-format aswell as the sound-file-format must be correct, otherwise the video will give errors (stuttering/blocks in the video) or will not play at all. => Please make sure it will be formatted as described above!

Are your videos not in the correct format?   You can convert videos for free with VLC player (download the VLC player from the internet). After starting the VLC player, go to FILE > Convert/Stream.

Setup the correct settings: follow the steps as shown in the pictures below: below: