How to setup the Trigger & Sensor function for AC model screens

Trigger & Pickup sensors we have in various kind of types.

Triggers: Plastic and Metal pushbuttons, Capacitive touchbuttons, Membrane press buttons, Push&turn button.

Sensors: Light sensors, RFID sensors, Magnet sensors, Micro switches & Motion Sensor.

To let these triggers and sensors work, it is a quiet easy procedure:

Re-name your video files and save them on a USB Stick or SD Card and put them in to the screen and you are ready to go!

Step 1.

The corresponding videos need to be re-named into:

trigger/sensor 1: 00

trigger/sensor 2: 01

trigger/sensor 3: 02 .... etcetera.

The looping attraction video name must be renamed into: mu

Step 2.

=> Save mu.avi + 00.avi + 01.avi + 02.avi on an empty SD card or USB Stick and insert it in the screen. Turn on the screen and it will work directly.

=> Mostly it starts one time with 00.avi after turning on, and than goes automatically back to the looping attraction video mu.avi after one time playing.

=> Press a button; the corresponding video will play one time and will turn to the looping video.

IMPORTANT: Video File Format for the video must be .avi (see more video format details below).

The videos must be in this video format, if not, they won’t play.

Video file format must be:

- video extention: .avi

- Resolution 1920x1080

- Codec: xvid/mpeg4

- Bitrate: 1000-8000

- Fps: 24 (maximum)

Soundfile in video:

- MP3 (Very important!! not AAC or other audioformat)
- Hz: 44100-48000
- 16bit - 128-196fps

If use the incorrect sound format in the video, than you will not hear the sound in the video, or the video will not play or give errors.

IMPORTANT: The video-file-format aswell as the sound-file-format must be correct, otherwise the video will give errors (stuttering/blocks in the video) or will not play at all. => Please make sure it will be formatted as described a bo ve!


Are your videos not in the correct format?

You can convert videos for free with VLC player (download the VLC player from the internet).

Setup the correct settings: follow the steps as shown in the pictures below: below: