COVID-19: How do we get retailing again?

Certification in the 'normal sense' is not possible when it comes to Air sanitation devices. Baldwin has a vast experience for designing manufacturing and supplying UVC disinfection equipment for a vast range of industrial applications. Yoghurt pots, domestic water supplies, infant powder formula and protein powder tins are just some of the everyday products that are irradiated by Baldwin UVC sanitation equipment. For some (not all) of these processes we complete a validation process which includes growing bacterial spores on a substrate, we then irradiate the bacterial spores with our UV and an independent lab measures the kill rate.

Whilst the above mentioned test procedure is not possible for air sanitation due to the obvious practical issues of measuring viral spores in the air, we have a vast amount of data, experience and equipment, that enables us to measure and confirm the effectivity of our Air-Q UV system.

I have attached our inactivation date sheet which shows a graph with the measured UVC output from the Air-Q system, below this you will see a quick calculation that provides a dose (mJ/cm^2) value for the UV output. From this you can compare the second table on the right-hand side which shows the average required dose (mJ/cm^2) required to kill Coronavirus in varying levels of effectiveness.

Please note: the Air-Q system is not limited to killing coronavirus, it will in fact kill common flu, mould and bacterial spores, found in the air. Providing a clean and safe working environment.