NEW products 2019

We presented our latest new products on the ISE Show 2019.

Watch the videos below, in which we explain more about these new products.

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watch the videos below:

Wide stretched LCD

All kind of sizes

Can come with HDMI IN, internal videoplayer and Android OS with Wi-Fi and LAN connection.

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Square Displays

New 1:1 Ratio screens

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RFID Budget Solution!

Lift or Place and Learn. It is a all-in-one solution. The RFID sensors are directly plugged into the mediaboard in the backside of the screen. No programming needed. Just rename your video the same as the RFID sticker code and load it on a SD Card and you are ready to go!

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Room Booking Display

Android (touch) displays which can be used as Room Booking displays. Or can also be used as normal (touch displays)

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Transparent Boxes

Big surprise! Amaze your clients!

Touch and without touch

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Audio Testing & Learning

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Android Displays OpenFrame

from very small 7inch up to 55 inch!

for digital signage and kiosk with openframe housing for built-in puposes

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Kiosks - Totems

We can supply all kind of Kiosk and Totem solutions. All kind additional features possible:

printer, rfid-nfc reader, motion sensor, barcode reader, fingerprint scanner, keyboard, cashing machine, cables for charging mobile phones, etcetera etcetra.

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Barcode Reader display

Easy check your product by scanning the Barcode.

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Place and Learn

Place a product on a certain area and the information will pop on the screen. In this case we have a RFID Solution connected to Android OS Screen. More additional features are possible:

LED light strip, Motion Sensor, Touch & Press buttons, Pickup Security, etcetera

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Audio Test and Learn

In-store solution for Headphone and Speaker Brands. Test headphones or/and speakers, which guide you to the product which will suit you the most.

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Lift and Learn

Lift and learn triggered by RFID sensors and Light indicators. We can also add touch and press buttons, Touchscreen, motion detection, anti theft detections, etcetera.

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Place and Learn Coffee example

Nice example for Nespresso Coffee; how the customer can choose his cup of coffee in an easy way.

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Screen + Light + Pushbutton

Budget All-in-One Solution. Just plug in a SD Card and content will roll. No programming needed!! In backside screen you can easy plug in LED strips and cables for the press buttons. More sensors and triggers can be added!

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