SuperFast triggering
with our Android OS system players we have a superfast triggering system for:

- Push-touch buttons

- Touchless buttons

- Sensors

- LED light strips

- QR & Barcode readers

Watch the video above, it will be all explained!

Our Android Screens and 4K Android Mediaplayer can be connected with all kinds of triggers and sensors. After activation of one of the triggers / sensors, it will show a video on the screen, in a blink of an eye. This system works on Android OS base and has particular software and hardware to connect the triggers and sensors and let them work, plug and play.

Super easy setup and no programming needed. Just rename and upload your videos to a USB Stick or Internal memory and you are ready.

If you do not need a screen, or you already have a Monitor-TV, then you can also use our 4K Android Mediaplayer, with the exact same functions.

The nice thing is: you do not need any extra computers, such as an expensive BrightSign player or Nexmosphere player/components. It also does not need expensive software such as Skala or other expensive digital signage programs. Our hardware, including the software, can save you a lot of money, and it can do the exact same job!

The Android screen and Android player can also be connected to the WIFI or LAN to have an internet connection. Content updates and access can be done remotely. Content updates can be done from the cloud, so you can change your content on all your screen at the same time; just change your content in your Dropbox folder or Server-location and it will download it automatically to the screens. SUPER EASY!

We have all kinds of Triggers & Sensors such as:

- Metal or Plastic Pushbuttons - Capacitive touch buttons - Touchless sensor buttons - RFID sensor buttons - Light sensor buttons - Motion sensor buttons - Magnet sensor buttons - Microswitches Also LED light strips or panels can be connected directly to the screen.

You can create with your products a very nice and interactive display! 
Touchless Sensor Button


USB Cable 2m


Animated LED Board - A1 Size


Extension Cable with Remote Control Eye Receiver


RFID WriterBoard