Android PC Computer - 7.1 Android - RK3399

Product Code: EL-MP4K-AIO-OS7.1-RK3399-19

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4K Android MediaPlayer - 7.1 Android

This Android MediaPlayer can be used in a commercial evironment.

The Player has Rooted Android 7.1 operating. This device comes with a basic installation for Android.

You can install your own (Signage) apps on it.

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List of Features

easy setup and plug and play!
Auto Start when plug in the power adapter

Rooted Android 7.1 / RK3399 / RAM 4GB - IM 32GB / CPU Quad core cortex A53, 1.8G

WIFI, Bluetooth and LAN (optional: 3G/4G by USB Sim Card dongle)

SD Cardreader, 3x USB portal, Micro USB, HDMI Out, LAN (RJ45)

3.5mm Jack Output

Thin Closed Metal Housing with mounting strips

Color housing standard Black

12V Power adapter

24/7 usage


can be used in many places

Built-in ShopDisplays

Digital Signage Display

Advertisement Display

Shelf-edge Display




Plug in the power adapter, and immediately the MediaPlayer will turn on.

Add an LCD Screen and connect it with HDMI Cable.



- We can provide a digital signage app with Online CMS software for remotely controlling your screens, scheduling and organize and create your presentations.

- We can install your software on the devices for larger order quantities.


see SPECIFICATIONS TAB or download the specification sheet in the DOWNLOAD TAB, above.

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Operation System

Android 7.1 - RockChip RK3399 , Dual Core A72 , Quad Core A53 , 4GB RAM - 32GB Internal Memory , 1.8G

Interface - Connection portals

HDMI IN , SD Cardreader , LAN input for Internetconnection - RJ45 , Micro USB Portal , 3.5mm Jack , 2x USB 2.0 , 1x USB 3.0

Housing type

Black Metal Housing


AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter



Network options

Bluetooth 4.0 , LAN/WLAN (optional by USB - Ethernet cable) , WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4G + 5G

Mounting options

Mounting Strips


AC/DC 12V/1A


Remote Control , User Manual , Power Adapter 12V-1A , WIFI Antenna