10.1inch Android Display - Non Touch

Product Code: EL-1022AIO-BAT-OS8.1-RK3288

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Android Display

Our Android Displays are commercial models, specially designed and to use in a retail environment, online digital signage screens, info touch kiosk, etcetera. 

The Android has a standard some programm apps installed, like a browser, google play store, explorer, and some extra apps.

You can install your own application on it. For instance a digital signage app or kiosk web app, webstore, etcetera.

We can also provide and help you with some retail app solutions, to help you to start your project. Find more about these apps at the software section.

These Android Displays have the following features:

  • - Touchscreen & Non-Touchscreen 
  • - ROOTED ANDROID 8.1 software version
  • - WIFI network
  • - LAN (RJ45) input socket for a cable network connection (not for all models)
  • - 3G-4G connection via USB SIM dongle (optional, not included)

This desk-model shape is available in: 10.1 / 13.3 /  14 / 15.6 / 18.5 / 21.5 / 24 / 27 / 32 / 43 / 55 inch sizes.

Google Play store is not always working in some regions, but do not be afraid: most of the times you do not need this store. You just can install your own/clients (signage) APK by USB Stick or download it from a website and install it. Quiet often, you can download APK files from or or ask your client for the APK needed to install.
The benefit of not using the Google Playstore: you are not being watched by Google and Google will not get your userdata which you do not want to share with them anyway.

PS: if you really need Google Playstore, we can check if it is possible, but only for larger order quantites.


How does it work?

Watch this video to have an more detailed explanation how these Android screens work.

    List of Features

    easy setup and plug and play!
    Auto Start when plug in the power adapter

    Rooted Android 8.1 / Chip RK3288 / RAM 2GB-IM 8GB / CPU Quad core cortex A17, 1.8G

    Non Touch (optional touchscreen)

    10.1" IPS LCD panel 1280x800 pixels (16:9 ratio)

    Internal HD videoplayer 1080P

    WIFI, Bluetooth, optional LAN and 3G

    SD cardreader and 1x USB portal

    Internal Speakers

    3.5mm Jack Output

    Thin Closed Frame Plastic Housing

    Color housing standard Black, Optional white.

    12V Power adapter with 3 meter long cable

    24/7 Usage

    Timer Clock Function (optional app)


    can be used in many places

    Digital Signage Display


    Built-in ShopDisplays


    Advertisement Display


    Shelf-edge Display



    Plug in the power adapter, and immediately the Android display will turn on (no need to push a ON-OFF button).

    You can hide the top and bottom bar in the Settings menu.

    Install your software easily and lets play!


    - with or without internal battery


    see SPECIFICATIONS TAB or download the specification sheet in the DOWNLOAD TAB, above.

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    Screen size


    Screen type


    LCD Panel Type

    IPS Panel

    LCD Panel resolution


    Operation System

    Rooted , Android 8.1 - RockChip RK3288

    Interface - Connection portals

    HDMI OUT , SD Cardreader , USB Portal , Power Input DC 12V/2A , LAN input for Internetconnection - RJ45 , Micro USB Portal , 3.5mm Jack

    Resolution Internal VideoPlayer



    AutoStart by plug-in the power-adapter

    Network options

    Wifi , LAN network , Bluetooth 4.0



    Mounting options

    VESA 75x75mm - screwholes 4M


    RAM 2GB - Internal Memory: 16GB


    2.0MP front camera