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Use our MediaScreens to customers via a video or slideshow with information about products and their characteristics! We have different types of enclosures for installation and construction. In addition, several additional opportunities for interactivity; Activation buttons, touchscreen, motion sensor, etc.

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Android Touch Displays
Our client has created for Tom-Tom sports-watches nice touchscreen-kiosks. As example, this is one of these in the Asics Store Amsterdam. The Android screen has a touch screen and a pre-installed custom app. The app is locked in the Android software. Visitors can stop by for specific information and explanation, also online!

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We are JamiePro

We are specialized in various types of LCD Mediascreens, AudioBoards and related products, to inform and attract people about a certain "product". Many interactive solutions can be added or integrated. Also, we have various kind of (online) Software systems to support your presentations, for digital signage or Kiosk functions with or without touhscreen. This increases interaction with the customer.

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