10,1inch Android - Barcode Scanner

Screen size: 10.1inch
Screen type: Touchscreen - Capacitive
LCD Panel Type: IPS Panel
LCD Panel resolution: 1280*800
Ratio: 16:10
Operation System: Android 4.4 - Rockchip RK3188
Housing type: Closed Plastic Frame
Mounting options: VESA 75x75mm - screwholes 4M
PowerAdapter: AC/DC 12V/2A
Internal Memory + AutoCopy Content: 8GB

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List of Features

easy setup and plug and play!
 Auto Start when plug in the power adapter

Rooted Android 4.4 / Chip RK3188 / RAM 1GB-IM 8GB

Capacitive TouchScreen (5 points, optional NON-touchscreen

LED Bars at the side of the screen, indicates the status of the Meeting Room occupation

Colors can change in Orange / Yellow / Green

10.1" IPS LCD panel 1280x800 pixels (16:10 ratio)

Internal HD videoplayer 1080P

WIFI, Blutooth and LAN

SD cardreader, USB portal and Micro USB portal

Internal Speakers

3.5mm Jack Output

Thin Closed Frame Plastic Housing

Color housing Black - Black

12V Power adapter with 2.5 meter long cable

14/7: Usage up to 14 hours a day

Timer Clock Function (optional app)


can be used in many places

Meeting room Screen for Reservation Occupation status + Digital Signage features (logo's / video's on screen), indicated on screen and LED Bar coloring.


Book reservation online via Google Calender and Outlook System


  • We can provide online CMS system to create your layouts with logo's pictures and video's for attraction and     advertising.


This Android Display can be used in a commercial environment. The Display has Rooted Android 5.1 operating system.

Powering the screen is possible by LAN cable (PoE) and normal Power Adapter.


Additionally, we can provide you Room Booking Software with online CMS system (standard not included) or we can install your software on the devices for larger order quantities. The Internal Memory can be upgraded. 

Housing type

Closed Plastic Frame

Screen size


Screen type

Touchscreen - Capacitive

LCD Panel resolution


Operation System

Android 4.4 - Rockchip RK3188

LCD Panel Type

IPS Panel

Interface - Connection portals

SD Cardreader , USB Portal , Power Input DC 12V/2A , Micro USB Portal , 3.5mm Jack

Network options


Mounting options

VESA 75x75mm - screwholes 4M


AC/DC 12V/2A

Optional Features

Camera: 2 MegaPixels , Bluetooth 4.0



Internal Memory + AutoCopy Content