Light Lift Sensor | AC-LIGHT-SEN



Sensor die reageert op licht. Plaats uw product boven de sensor, wanneer de klant het product pak zal de senor een signaal geven naar het MediaScreen om de productvideo af te spelen.

Aan te sluiten aan het moederboard van een Mediascreen / Multifunction board / AudioBoard om bijvoorbeeld video's te starten.



The light sensor is a smal black sensor, which has a small hole. If light will come into this hole, the sensor will give signal to the PCB board, and a video will play.

It is very easy to setup:
Each sensor will trigger a kind of video.

You just have to upload you videofiles on a SD card, and re-name your videos:
Sensor 1; 00.avi
Sensor 2; 01.avi
Sensor 3; 02.avi
etcetera for extra sensors.
Looping attraction video: mu.avi (this video will play in a loop all the time when no sensor is activated)

So if Sensor 1 will be activated, it will 1x video 00.avi.
When 00.avi has finished, it will return automatically to the looping attraction video (mu.avi).

You can plug in the SD card into our screen and it will directly play. No more setup things. That is it!

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